Palm leaf Preservation Project

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Palm leaf Preservation Project (Grantha Raksha Kalpana)

Although the oral tradition has always played the prominent role in the Vedic Educational system, the ancient scriptures were often preserved in written form. Specifically they were etched on pages made from the leaves of palm trees.

There are many such ancient Palm leaf scriptures in existence, covering many different fields of knowledge, including Medicine, Astrology and Science, in addition to the purely philosophical texts.

Unfortunately, in many cases such palm leave scriptures can at present neither be properly cared for nor systematically organised for easy availability. This is a sad loss for the Vedic tradition as well as for guidance for the modern man.

Therefore, we have initiated this program for the maintenance, preservation, cataloguing and translation of these ancient texts. Of many such palm leaf libraries in India we will concentrate our efforts on the two libraries in Melkote (South India), a city famed throughout the ages for its great scholars.

There are still scholars in this area who are able to translate these texts into modern languages, but unless the palm leaves are properly cared for, that work cannot commence.

Specifically needed are:

Lemon oil to protect the leaves against the insects, Proper shelves, Buildings repairs, Computer

Therefore, we are soliciting support to this important work. For further information, please contact us.

Translation work has commenced and we will soon be making the following texts available:

Bhumi-Gita – Die Unterweisung Mutter Erde (in Deutsch)

Klangreise Indien – Nord und Süd in jeweils 1 Bilder Band mit Musik CD (in Deutsch)

Narasimha Tapani Upanisad in two books (in Englisch)

Sri Sat Chakropanishad und the Secret of Simhachalam (in English)

Sri Salagrama Tirtha – Holy Pilgrimage to Mustang (in English)

Sri Narasimhadeva – The Lord of Compassionate Anger (in Englisch)

Mudras in Pancaratra Agama (in Englisch)

Shangri- La – Das Geheimnis von Tibet (in Deutsch)

Haridasas Tradition (bookform with Music CD)

Manyu Sukta – the Narasimha prayer of protection in the Rg Veda (in englisch mit Musik CD)

Sri Vishnu Sahasranama Stotra (in Sanskrit und englischer Übersetzung plus Musik CD)