Kavacha Protection Amulet

Kavacha or a Magical Armour comes as a pendant filled with a yantra either engraved on a piece of copper or written on birch bark. It is installed with ancient procedure (prayoga) and Mantras which have been handed down through a sampradaya (line of teachers and disciples).

Benefit of Kavacha Protection Amulet

There are several reasons for wearing a Kavacha. One of the most important one is to neutralize negative influences which are seen in ones own horoscope. Influences which for example indicate the beginning of difficult time can be alleviated by the proper use of yantra / kavacha. Or a general protection against any negative circumstance, which we face right now, will help to protect one from this calamity in mind, body and action.

Vedic Tradition

I have learned to make those Armours from a teacher of Vaishnava Tantra in Melukote (India), Sri Sudarshana Narasimhacarya. He himself comes from the line of Sri Ramanujacarya and belonged to the Atharva Veda Sakha. Out of this great Veda, the Narasimha Tapani Upanishad comes and the Mantrasara tantra also strongly emphasizes the use of mantra, yantra and kavacha for the benefit of mankind.

Making of Kavacha Protection Amulet

The installation of the Kavacha takes place in accordance with the details of the horoscope (birth time and place) and the personal birthstar will be calculated from that. The Kavacha Amulet will be completed within a certain time frame, as mantras have to be recited and a small ritual will be performed for every individual. A Yantra (geometric 2 D form of the divine Power) will be drawn with Astagandha (8 herbs mixture) on Birch bark or engraved with a needle on copper or silver sheets.

Along with the small yantra, the capsule will be filled with holy items like tulasi basil, sandalwood and ashes from a great Mahayagya to Lord Narasimha. After this, the persons name and birth star will be recited, and the protective nature of Lord Narasimha (protector of dharma / righteousness) will be invoked.

There are 3 kind of kavachas available:

Kavacha Protection Amulet in silver capsule
  • Protection:
    Sri Lakshmi Narasimha
  • Against pandemic and diseases, healing support:
    Sri Sudarshana Narasimha
  • Eliminating bad influences by planets, ghosts or evil spirits:
    Sri Ghora Narasimha

Wearing of the Kavacha

You can tie the Kavacha on your upper arm (right for men, left for women), on the respective wrist or around the neck (recommended). This could be done in front of the deity, altar or in nature at noontime on the waxing moon in the month on Thusday or Friday midday (if possible). This Muhurta is called “Abhijit” and represents victory in all our endeavors. While tying
you should recite the Maha Mantra (of Lord Narasimha) or any other prayer you know.

उग्रं वीरं महाविष्णुं ज्वलन्तं सर्वतोमुखं । नृसिंहं भीषणं भद्रं मृत्युमृत्युं नमाम्यहं ।।
ugraṃ vīraṃ mahā-viṣṇum jvalantaṃ sarvato-mukham /
nṛsiṃhaṃ bhīṣaṇaṃ bhadram mṛtyu-mṛtyuṃ namāmy aham //

If for some reason after some time you no longer want to wear the Kavacha, or if it becomes damaged, please dispose of it in a river or lake. If you have given the Name, Nakshatra and Gotra do not give the Kavacha to anyone else to wear, as it is prepared for you only. Normally the Kavacha is effective for a very long time (even lifelong) and guards us trough all difficulties in our life. Treat your Kavacha as a special Gift.
The Kavacha can be worn all the time, even in unclean places etc. If not worn for a while keep the Kavacha on your Altar (otherwise a secret spot in your home), where it can be safe and stay pure. While doing Puja, place the Kavacha along with the Deity, and its potential will be maintained and kept alive.

Kavacha Protection Amulet Yantra on copper foil

Informations needed for your individual Kavacha Protection Amulet

For ordering one personal kavacha for yourself, please supply me with your birth data (date, place and time if possible) per email along with your order. In case you dont have your birthdata complete, provide at least your name.

Kavacha Protection Amulet

Product description

Making of an individual Kavacha Protection Amulet according to vedic tradition.

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