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  • Vedic Marriage

    Vedic marriage in Sri Rangam, India

    Vedic Wedding Ceremony

    Since the beginning of the history of mankind exist a language through rituals where man and woman promise each other to give their love, faithfulness and protection for the whole life. In all culture this deep symbolism is celebrated by poetic language, gestures or offerings to the higher self as marriage. In the Vedic (originally Indian-oriental) tradition of marriage the connection of nature and man, divinity and positive thinking is a very important element. It gets supported by benedictional and protective Sutras (aphorisms) to create a good atmosphere in which the ceremony takes place. And also the individual further steps of the ceremony aim to a combined positive focusing of both partners for the marriage. Thinking/feeling and acting in negativity is transformed by the ritual to form a harmonic future, ask for healthy offspring and lead a long life together. This will be symbolically presented by certain offerings and small fire Pujas. The maintaining of promised to not do harm to any living being and the sharing of wealth and harmony with all beings of this planet is another important part of the vedic nuptial ceremony and is the heartfelt wish of everyone. Whatever may be the differences of the different traditions of this earth, these essential features of the vedic wedding are found in all old rituals of mankind. Harmony, protection, blessings, love and sacrifices to the partner (and with this in a broader sense to the whole world) are the basis for the vedic marriage.

    Mangala Sutra be worn by the bride, amulet to protect the marriage and bless the family

    ancient Mangala Sutra from south india

    different Mangala sutra designs

    and more different designs of Mangala Sutra